She Said Yes!

We had our first engagement on board Tuck Tuck Tours this month and she said yes! Our soon to be groom was very nervous but Captain Damon and myself helped calm his nerves by coming up with a plan that would truly surprise his now fiance. Tuck Tuck was perfectly located at the City Docks in front of the Historic Downtowner and while the couple was strolling the Riverwalk, Captain Damon offered a short complimentary boat ride, to which they gladly accepted. He offered them a glass of champagne and started navigating down the New River, holidays lights aglow on all the beautifully decorated homes. With the city skyline in the background and the sun setting, the groom said the magic words, "Do you have any beer on board?" That was Damon's queue to start filming, while the groom asked his bride to look in the cooler where he had placed a special momento they shared. He got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. She said yes and as Tuck Tuck pulled up to drop them off for dinner at Coconuts, both of their families were waiting on the dock waving and clapping! The entire restaurant broke into applause as they happy couple joined their families!

Elizabeth Cathey